Winchester Triathlon

Why the Winchester Tri?

Join us at Kings School in Winchester for our favourite Triathlon, that was also the first we ever put on over 11 years ago!

This beginner friendly Triathlon, traditionally takes place on the May Day Bank Holiday each year! We love this date as it allows all the family to get out and make the most out of a bank holiday, making memories that will not soon be forgotten.

We have a Novice, Sprint or Children’s race for you to choose from to allow everyone to take part! Which challenge will you take on?

The Route

The Winchester Triathlon starts in the pool at Kings School before heading out into the surrounding areas for your race!

The bike route can be found to the right and is 1 lap for Novices and 2 laps for Sprinters before heading back into transition.

After mounting your bike and putting on your trainers the end is in sight with only the run remaining!

The final stretch is a 2.5km run in the Novice or a 5km run for sprint competitors, both routes can be found below!

Novice Triathlon

Take part and give Triathlon a Try!
£ 44
  • 200M Swim
  • 11KM Cycle
  • 2.5KM Run

Sprint Triathlon

Take on our biggest test!
£ 49
  • 400M Swim
  • 22KM Cycle
  • 5KM Run

Children's Triathlon

Get the Children Active!
£ 29
  • 100M Swim
  • 2KM Cycle
  • 1KM Run
From 8+