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1st May 2023
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Kings School, Winchester
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Welcome to
your first triathlon!

Try a Triathlon in 2025

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Do you need motivation?

Looking for a new challenge?

Need to mix up your training?

You should Try a Tri!

Completing a triathlon:
  • Is great fun
  • Is really rewarding
  • Keeps you fit and healthy
  • Provides a varied training schedule
  • Exercising boosts your endorphins leading to improved wellbeing
2 women running the Trytri

Multisport events (like a triathlon) provide a whole host of benefits from decreasing the risk of injury to benefitting your individual sports.

You don’t have to be a lycra-clad ‘Ironman’ to take part - our TryTri events are tailor made for first timers like you!

How to get started:
Choose your distance
Novice - 200m swim; 11km cycle; 2.5k run
Sprint - 400m swim; 22km cycle; 5k run
Tell your friends
You can book an Exclusive Lane for yourself and 3 friends to take part together!
Make it a family day out
Our Children’s Triathlon is in the afternoon - from ages 8+.
Sign up and commit to training
Sign up here for the Radley or Winchester
Enjoy the journey!
Have a brilliant day out with friends and family
Enjoy the sun at the Winchester Triathlon. Get that sense of achievement and rush of endorphins as you cross the Finish Line!
Radley Trytri Swimming
What we provide:
  • A guide to your first triathlon
  • Free swim hat
  • Full triathlon race sticker kit
  • Fantastic Finisher’s medal
  • Kudos of becoming a Triathlete!
Race start times:
Download your Try Tri Waves start times
Junior triathlon:
  • 100m Swim
  • 2km Bike
  • 1km Run
Children, cycling at the Trytri

Suitable for children aged 8 years up the children’s triathlon is great fun, with all the event taking place within the school grounds.

The swim is in a shallow pool (0.9m – 1.2M) and the bike ride on the short grass fields before running to the finish also on the school fields. 

Sign up for the Junior triathlon:

What our participants say

  • “A great starter event”
  • “Really great fun”
  • “Really well organised”
  • “Challenging but thoroughly enjoyed it”
  • “Love it - brilliant community spirit”